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Arya Bakrie: The Relocation of The Capital Must Have a Good Impact On The Surrounding People, Not Only The Elite Group.

Arya Bakrie One of the Owners of the Bakrie Group. Source: Arya Bakrie documents

Report Indonesia, Jakarta. Regarding the government’s plan regarding the relocation of the New Capital of the Republic of Indonesia which was moved from DKI Jakarta to East Kalimantan.

And it is estimated that it will cost US $ 33.5 billion (Rp. 470 Trillion) for development and all kinds of things. As well as the allegations from the Alliance of Activists report which states that most of the projects will only benefit the Taipan in Indonesia.

Contacted by Report Indonesia, one of the owners of Bakrie Group, Arya Bakrie has another positive perspective. Arya said that, we must think positively of any decision from the Government of Indonesia, which is currently being highlighted regarding the relocation of the Capital.

” In my mind, moving the capital is a good plan. However, this policy is also required to have a good impact on the surrounding population. “ Arya explained.

Asked further, Arya also felt quite surprised at the government’s decision this time.

” Well, I’m also quite a bit surprised about this. But in my opinion, the New Capital policy will also have a good economic and investment impact for Indonesia, as well as having a strong allure in terms of tourism. “ Said Arya

And regarding the US $ 33.5 billion project that will only be enjoyed by a handful of groups, this young entrepreneur has his own perspective.

“But I hope that the relocation of the capital is not only for the benefit of the economy or the elite. We must and are obliged to make a good impact on the surrounding population, because after all they have the rights to the area that they have cared for for a long time. If necessary, we will build a new capital with the characteristics of Kalimantan, not just building buildings, ” said the young man who loved traveling, who applied for his fiance last year in Banda Naira, Maluku.


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