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Arya & Vannya Bakrie team up with Malaysian Royals to improve education in Indonesia & Malaysia


Arya Bakrie, a member of the dynasty Bakrie family & founder of Bakrie Tanggap Foundation with his wife, Vannya Bakrie (a member of Surakartan Royal Family) are teaming up with Princess Tengku Iman of Pahang, and other members of House of Pahang to improve education in Indonesia & Malaysia.

“We are working together & exchanging ideas to improve the system, especially in Indonesia. Many of us (Indonesians) don’t understand English, even students in top-ranked schools & universities.
The system needs to be changed. We don’t want people go to school just to learn & forget. But for now, we will focus on renovating the buildings.” – Arya Bakrie, at Bakrie Tower.

Arya Bakrie and Vannya Bakrie

Through $15 Million, Arya & Vannya Bakrie with Malaysian Royals will build and renovate schools in both nations.

Arya Bakrie also planning to build a new university in Malaysia.

It is believed that their efforts in education will also improve the relations between Malaysia & Indonesia.


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